Be coordinated. Be confident.
Be strong. MoovKids
MoovKids is a unique on-line teaching program providing fresh and exciting lesson plans and activities focusing on the physical development of three- to seven-year-old children.
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MoovKids is for
daycare centres or kindergartens, sports clubs, after school programs, home school educators, special needs, childcare providers, parents, fitness centres and curriculum planners.

MoovKids provides

A twenty lesson curriculum, each lesson has a specific skill focus.
Each lesson offers:
Six skill-focused movement activities.
Instructional videos and photos.
Comprehensive written instructions.
Skill-progressive teaching suggestions.
Parent/Child and special needs adaptations.
Safety precaution and equipment guidance.
A list of additional concepts explored.
Developmental benefits of each activity.
A printable lesson guide to aid teaching.

Movement in the early years is crucial for brain development and academic learning.

  • Early intervention is possible if an area of difficulty is detected.
  • Practicing motor skills develops coordination for complex activity.
  • Movement programs prevent obesity and laziness in children.
  • Repetition of physical skills creates muscle memory and competence.
  • Physically self-confident children happily join others in play and sports.
  • Focused physical training teaches teamwork, etiquette, and self-discipline.
  • Active children are more likely to become active, healthy adults.
  • Regular whole-body movement strengthens bones and muscles.
  • Physically confident children explore more, resulting in a spiral of development.

MoovKids for educators

It is mandatory for children to move for two to three hours a day. The MoovKids curriculum provides much-needed vital activity ideas with which to comply with this requirement. In addition, there are the following advantages:

  • The program covers all areas of a child’s physical development.
  • Suggestions for progressive skill complexity enables continuous progress.
  • The equipment is affordable, durable and purchasable.
  • Accessible on all devices and easily portable.
  • The search tool enables users to create lessons according to a specific focus.
  • The activities can be used for integrated learning purposes.
  • The user-friendly lesson plans require minimal planning time.
  • Easier evaluation of physical development with the individual and group assessment tool.
  • Comprehensive guidance enables educators to teach movement classes with confidence, ease and success.
  • Helps educators set and reach KPI targets.
  • Online and in-house workshops available for professional development.

MoovKids for special needs

  • Activities are suitable for a special needs children and adults of any age or ability.
  • Teaching modifications are provided for all suitable activities.
  • The program can be implemented into schools, centers or in the home.
  • Educators, parents, and carers can easily and successfully teach the activities.
  • Activities which focus on a specific developmental area can be searched and applied.
  • Teaching adaptations are provided for wheelchair activities.
  • Simple and achievable activities result in improved physical self-confidence.
  • Moovkids activities provide a beneficial interval to academic learning.
  • Consistent attention to skill focused movement improves brain functions.
  • The activities are suitable for all students needing individualized support regardless of age or ability.

What you need to teach the MoovKids activities

  • A subscription to the MoovKids program
  • A device with which to view the program
  • MoovKids equipment: ball, beanbag, hoop and a rope
  • Optional extras:
    gym mat/mattress, cones, place markers
  • A device from which music can be played (opt.)
  • Allocated time for exercise and movement
  • A safe and suitable area for movement
  • Energy and enthusiasm to make movement fun!