Let’s help our special needs children become coordinated, confident and strong!

MoovKids activities are especially suitable for children with special needs or learning difficulties.

  • All MoovKids lessons include suggestions to uniquely adapt and teach the activities to suit each special needs child.
  • The activities can be taught using the progressive levels provided and taught at a pace suitable for each child.
  • Wheelchair-bound or immobile children can do many of the activities.
  • The activities are simple, achievable and the equipment used is manageable.
  • Repetition of the MoovKids activities will create muscle memory, strengthen muscles and improve stamina.
  • The activities stimulate the vestibular system improving core body strength and all-around body coordination.
  • Movement stimulates neural networks in the brain, which enhances learning.
  • Regular participation in MoovKids movement programs will enhance cognitive and sensory processing.
  • MoovKids activities highly effective in childcare centers and also simple to implement in the home environment by parents or care workers.
  • Most importantly, the children love the stimulation and attention that they receive during each session.

Children with special needs can move to improve!

With regular and consistent movement every child will improve both physically and academically, too.

The Moovkids activities are a great way to get outdoors, do something constructive and extremely beneficial when special needs children need a concentration break.

The suggested progression levels, teaching adaptations and easy-to-teach guidelines enable every child to achieve and benefit.

For children with special needs, achieving each physical milestone brings happiness and smiles, builds self-esteem, concentration and so much more.


Our clients enjoyed participating in movement sessions where they did a wide variety of MoovKids activities. They were eager and motivated to actively participate in the activities. The activities using hoops, ropes, balls, beanbags etc. improves their balance, hand-eye coordination, and motoric skills. The directions given are clear and easy to follow. The participants are able to do the activities at their own pace and ability level.
We are very pleased with the MoovKids program and highly recommend it to customers with special needs!
Eteva Espoon päiväaikainen toiminta,
clients and instructors