I have two mottoes that steer my life. The first being, “If your heart is happy you can achieve anything.” And the second, “If you don’t try, you don’t know.”
With that in mind the exciting journey to formulate and hone my revolutionary mobility program began.

I am a 3rd Dan Karate Instructor, a gymnastics coach and I have 30 years of experience working with children of many different ages and abilities in various sports and academic pursuits. I am also a national champion in three sports, karate, gymnastics and aerobic sport. In 2014 I was a medalist while representing Finland at the Shukokai World Karate championships in South Africa.

I devoted 13 years to teaching and working with disabled children in a school in Zimbabwe, a time I particularly cherish. This, along with running my own gyms for young children, have proven to be invaluable experiences when shaping and formulating my MoovKids programme.

I moved to Finland from Zimbabwe for love of the man of my life. Finland is a world leader in the education at all levels and age groups. Being here in Finland has only grown my love for inspiring and ensuring our children are the best that they can be. My unique background and my very active involvement in the education of both Finnish and international children here in Finland have allowed me a fresh new perspective. This is MoovKids.

With changing times and a general shift to a more sedentary lifestyle it has become evident that the flexibility, coordination and physical self-confidence of young children is on the decline. The long-term consequences are more dire than most people realize. Children are moving less due to the increased use of devices, obesity and laziness, and a lack of stimulation or inspiration to exercise. This all had been playing on my mind for some time and I was desperate to find a way to make a difference. This inspired me to create a solution.

I have experienced, again and again, the value of creative movement, the teaching of it in a fun way and its importance in a child achieving all round development. During all my years of teaching, the most common success stories have come from parents who’s children have shown remarkable improvement and progress in academic areas as a result of practicing skill focus coordination activities, recreational gymnastics or karate. These success stories have spurred me on to continue developing and improving my teaching methodology and also the way I deal with different personalities, fears, and needs. In addition, it became very evident that if a child does not have sufficient coordination and body awareness, learning new sports is very challenging. This is where my teaching methodology is so effective.

With the help of my programme and its fresh new approach it is apparent that my teaching methods and ideas are of great value to others. With determination and passion, I have set out to create an online skill focused movement program targeting early learners that will have an important impact on the lives of children worldwide.

I presently teach hundreds of children every week and in these classes, I am continually teaching, testing and refining the ideas I have incorporated into my program. I am continually experimenting with different teaching methods, voice intonation and ways to captivate and inspire children to enjoy movement and to give of their best.

MoovKids has been in development for the past three years based upon my methods and experience over the last 30 years. I have created activities, researched and crafted written content as well as instructional videos. It has been an incredibly enriching journey and one I have thoroughly enjoyed. I believe this shows through my work. Knowing that by utilizing the MoovKids program, parents and educators will be able to successfully teach my fun innovative activities and make a real tangible difference to the physical coordination, self-confidence and body strength of early learners certainly brings me immense satisfaction and gratitude.

It is my belief that the MoovKids journey will enrich, educate and inspire both you and your children. But most importantly the comprehensive MoovKids program will allow you to successfully guide your children on a path ensuring they achieve the physical development they so clearly need to get that much-needed head start in life..

I leave you with this: “A child’s life is like a piece of paper upon which every person leaves a mark.” The best mark we can leave is to ensure our children are physically coordinated, confident and strong. Without which the development of the “whole child” is not possible. I thank you for investing in your children’s future and in doing so, providing them the opportunity to be the best they can be!