About MoovKids
What we do and why Moovkids is for you!
About Moovkids

Moovkids is a unique, online physical education movement program suitable for both home and educational environments focusing on the physical development of three-to seven-year-old children and those of special needs

The MoovKids Focus

The focus is on overall body development ensuring that children become well-coordinated, physically confident and better prepared for the physical and academic challenges that lie ahead of them.

MoovKids values

We believe in the importance of movement, exercise and focused physical development teaching in the early years. We value passion, competence, commitment, and the determination to make a difference.

The MoovKids Method

The clear instructional videos, comprehensive guidance and suggested teaching methods will enable anyone to confidently and enthusiastically guide children through the movement activities, assess their progress and, with repetition, clearly see their physical development.

The MoovKids Mission

By actively using the MoovKids program, parents and educators collectively will reach children worldwide helping them become coordinated, confident and strong at an age when it is so crucial to do so.

About Darlene Koskinen

The Creator and Founder of MoovKids

Darlene Koskinen has over 30 years teaching experience with children of all ages and abilities, including 13 years teaching special needs children in a school in Zimbabwe. This has proven invaluable in designing her holistic teaching methodology.
Darlene is a 3rd Dan Karate Instructor and gymnastics coach. She is a national champion in three sports: karate, gymnastics and aerobic sport. In 2014 she was a medalist while representing Finland at the Shukokai World Karate championships in South Africa.

Unique Perspective

Finland is a world leader in education for all levels and age groups. Since Darlene established herself in Finland her love for inspiring children to become the best that they can be has only grown. Her unique background and her active involvement in the education of both Finnish and international children has given her a fresh new perspective.

Fresh New Approach

Through MoovKids, Darlene has created an online skill-focused movement program targeting early learners that will have an important impact on the lives of children worldwide. It is important to remember that the integration of physical and cognitive skills is crucial to balanced brain and body development that begins in the early years.
The expansive resource of instructional videos will enable parents and educators to teach fun, innovative activities and make a real tangible difference to the physical coordination and self-confidence of early learners.

“It is my belief that the MoovKids journey will enrich, educate and inspire both you and your children. But most importantly MoovKids, with its comprehensive programme, will allow you to successfully guide your children on a path ensuring they achieve the physical and academic development they so clearly need to get that much-needed head start in life.
Together let’s help children be the best they can be”

-Darlene Koskinen